I might be a bit scarce for a bit. Nothing to do with online anything, just life stuff. Derp. Be back soon, sporadically, or…something. :)

thepheonixqueen said: Are the Kreons doing anything special for the Fouth of July? Setting up a viewing area for fireworks? Have the Ratchet's ducktaped the Wheeljacks and Sideswipes to unmovable objects? >.> For safety.

So far, the Kreons are chilling with coffee at the bakery, juice bar, and cafe. Not many of them are morning Kreons, so they’ll have to wake up some before they figure out what they want to do with their day.

Anonymous said: Sorry if you've gotten this question before, but what do you think of Rewind/Chromedome being a canon couple now, with past canon couples in Chromedome's history? What do you think of the idea of conjux endura at all, I suppose.

Transformers romance has never been my thing.



Dear all TF-fanfic writing persons,

Prowl is a strategist, not a tactician. The first line from his TFWiki page:

Prowl is the Autobot military strategist.

But why is this important? Because in the military, tactics and strategy are two…

The sum of the original post seems to say that fanfic writers are doing things “wrong” when they call Prowl a tactician, because he is an overall strategist, not a military tactician. However, his tech spec (per Unicron.com) titles him a “Military Strategist”, and his bio goes on to discuss how he uses his logic center for combat situations. So while yes, I write Prowl as performing many more duties than just military tactics, it is not incorrect to call him a tactician. It’s just one of his labels, which as someone else pointed out, sounds better in a sentence than “strategist.”

Here’s another example. Jazz’s tech spec (also per Unicron.com) titles him Special Operations Saboteur. We know him commonly as the Head of Special Operations who specializes in sabotage. Yet I don’t want to refer to Jazz as “the Head of Special Operations with a Specialty in Sabotage” every time I mention him, so in fiction, I call him “the saboteur.”

Likewise, I do not want to call Prowl “the Autobot Executive Officer, Strategist, Lead Tactical Advisor, Administrator and Head of Regulation” every time I refer to him, so in fiction, I call him “the tactician.”

Guys, it’s ok to call Prowl a tactician. The original poster of this blog offered some insightful information, but it doesn’t support that writers are doing things wrong when they refer to Prowl as a tactician. Many times, characters (and people) will have long, cumbersome titles, and it’s just not wrong to shorten it in a way that makes sense. In Prowl’s case, “tactician” makes perfect sense. So does “strategist.” It’s really just a matter of preference.

(Source: tara-and-transformers)

Biggie Sideswipe carries TinySwipe though the flowers.

Biggie Sideswipe carries TinySwipe though the flowers.

from-the-grey-fortress said: Hi! I just wanted to say I just adore your comics and watercolors, and I just found them again after forgetting your username. But anyway, I was wondering, what do you think about Windblade, and would you consider adding her to your collection?

Thanks so much! :) As for Windblade, I think the design looks fun, but I’m not reading any comics right now, so I don’t know anything about her personally. I’ve also never been into female TFs. I don’t see Transformers as having girls or boys. They’re just robots to me, so girl robots always seemed sort of strange to me, even back when I was ten and watching the original series. That having been said, I liked TFP Arcee, and Blackarachnia was one of my favorite characters on Beast Wars, though with Beast Wars, they had animal alt modes, so genders made sense. So I like a really good female character, but I just not in Transformers. :) (Unless it’s Beast Wars. Then that’s a different ball game.)

Kreon Prowl might get his skid handed to him sooner than later. I don’t know though. He is the scariest mo fo at my house. Even the biggie Prowls won’t mess with him.

It’s like that.

Anonymous said: With how successful the Aerialbot bakery is at baking donuts, I'm kind of surprised the regular-sized Prowl hasn't ripped the roof off like some kind of Godzilla

They keep Prowl well supplied. In fact, the Kreon Aerialbots bake the goods, and then the regular-sized Aerialbots (Uranos Eagle, Phantom, and Blackbird) provide delivery service directly to all of the Prowls. They call it the Fancy Wings Express, delivering flavorful fancies right to your door. :)

Round two of a day on Kreon Street. I frankly don’t care about anything right now except taking stupid photos of my robots and their dining establishments. XD